We are Serving People with a Mission (SPM)

Serving People with a Mission (SPM) is dedicated to creating servant leaders who holistically give back to their communities through service, community engagement, and philanthropy. Our team is committed to nurturing the next generation of leaders, equipping them with the skills and values necessary for sustainable community development and impactful social change.

Empowering Community Through Education and Programs

Serving People with a Mission's Hand-n-Hand Leadership Program is an educational initiative designed to empower teenagers and young adults. This program emphasizes the importance of community service, networking, personal development, and philanthropy while providing students with invaluable exposure to the professional world. The Hand-n-Hand Leadership Program is meticulously structured into three key sections: Education Workshops, Exposure Trips, and the Philanthropy Project.

SPM collaborates with a diverse array of institutions, including high schools, colleges, and local nonprofits, to deliver this transformative experience. Through these partnerships, we ensure that our students receive comprehensive education and hands-on experiences that prepare them for future leadership roles and community impact.

The goal of the Hand-n-Hand Leadership Program is to equip the young generation with essential life skills to ensure their success and impact in society. This program also serves as a bridge to the older generation, fostering unique and inclusive environments where younger and older individuals can connect and learn from one another. By promoting intergenerational collaboration and mentorship, Hand-n-Hand creates a community where all age groups thrive together.



Partnering Education Institutions

Students & Alumni

Environmental Justice Efforts

Serving People with a Mission's Giving People Donations Drive is an innovative environmental service designed to address the critical issues of fast fashion, food insecurity, and resource overconsumption. This city-wide initiative focuses on collecting items that would otherwise be discarded, repurposing and recycling them for further use.

SPM partners with a variety of organizations, including corporate offices for professional clothing donations, grocery stores and pantries for food collection, and in-kind donors for miscellaneous items. The resources gathered by SPM are then donated to community members, ensuring that these valuable items are put to good use rather than ending up in landfills. By fostering a culture of recycling and reuse, the Giving People Donations Drive significantly contributes to environmental sustainability and community support.